All team entries are due by Tuesday, March 24, at directathletics.com, allowing us to use the TFRRS system.  There will be NO entry via snail-mail, and we hope to limit e-mail entries to those having problems with on-line entry.

Minimum donations for teams and individuals will be collected as you enter.  Athletes arriving before the team payment will be expected to make their own donation.

As in recent years, there will be a limited number of entry slots open on meet day, ONLY in those events where we can run more entrants without creating additional heats.  Since 2012, a third of our events have been closed to day-of-meet entries.  IF YOU ARE PRE-ENTERED, we will accommodate you and create heats as necessary.  IF YOU WAIT UNTIL MEET DAY, you may not get in your event(s).


This meet was founded to support college teams who did not have the resources to stage meets during their spring break.  This is billed as an OPEN meet, generally defined as post-high school teens to late 30s.  We will endeavor to accommodate all master’s athletes, but all variations of master’s hurdle races may not be possible.  Where possible, we will hold separate master’s sections.

This meet is open only to athletes 18-years old or older, and to 17-year old athletes who are competing and eligible for a college team.  This includes club team members!


We always need all the help we can get!  Volunteers are treated to food during the meet.  Split shifts are often available for those who can’t work the entire meet.


For teams to enter, the minimum donation per team per gender will be $100, or $10 per individual and $12 per relay team, whichever is less.  All college and university teams are welcome, but club teams must be member organizations of USATF or Athletics Canada in order to be listed as an affiliation.  Individuals will need to make a minimum donation of $10 to register, plus $2 per individual event.  No unattached relays will be permitted.  Any entry slots available on meet day will subject to a minimum donation of $15 per athlete plus $3 per event.  Funds collected support Club Northwest’s teams.

Registration is at:  http://www.directathletics.com/meets/track/, where you will need to log-in and find the meet.


We ask for a nominal minimum admission donation for all Club Northwest events – we put on a very nice “show” and we think folks should be willing to pay for it!  Funds collected support Club Northwest’s teams.


We hold weigh-in for all implements at the site beginning at 8 a.m., the location of which is generally at the storage unit near the hammer throw area.


If it’s a nice day, there will be issues with parking – sorry, we can’t help much!  On a nice spring day, golfers will flock to the adjacent West Seattle Golf Course, and most available parking in the main lot will be gone by ten a.m.  There is a dirt lot just to the south of the entry which is the secondary parking, but it may not be opened for the spring yet.  Please make sure you park legally wherever you end up!

For more information, call or write Becca Peter at 206-334-0767 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.